Consultancy: Needs Assessment of women-led livelihood and SME initiatives and Value Chain Analysis





“Implementation of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda in Sri Lanka”, project with the generous support of the Government of Japan, the UN Women is aiming focus on empowering vulnerable groups of women from different ethnic and faith groups, including Female Heads of Households (hereinto referred to as FHHs). The project will empower target groups of women on entrepreneurial skills to support sustainable income generation, to relieve dependency and indebtedness, and enable resilience against re-victimization by enabling them to establish sustainable, long term self-employment.

The consultancy is to conduct

  • A comprehensive Needs Assessment of women-led livelihood and SME initiatives inclusive of a scoping analysis in relation to women’s economic empowerment and assessing the capacities and reach of grassroot organizations, CSOs and women leaders to be the leaders of peace building in their communities and beyond
  • Value chain study based on the economic activities arising from the need’s assessment highlighting feasibility, entry points and support available.