Obtain the Services of a Consultancy Firm to Collect Data for a Research on Investigation Online Harassment among the Young Population in Sri Lanka




Sri Lanka Institute for Information Technology (SLIIT)

The primary objective of this research is to ‘develop a national strategy for effectively addressing online harassment in Sri Lanka’. Specifically, it is designed to

  1. investigate the nature, extent and effect of online harassment among young population in Sri Lanka;
  2. identify the socio-cultural and economic barriers to combatting online harassment in Sri Lanka;
  3. assess the adequacy of the current Sri Lankan legal framework in addressing online harassment;
  4. conduct a comparative study of the Sri Lankan legal framework with
    the national frameworks of the UK, US, Australia, India and Singapore for identifying the lessons that Sri Lanka can learn; and
  5. propose a comprehensive national strategy for addressing online harassment in Sri Lanka.

Consultancy is to obtain the services of an experienced survey firm to collect raw data on online harassments among young population in Sri Lanka. The survey will be carried throughout the country within four months.