Assess the Public Officials’ Information and Cyber Security Readiness Across the Country CERT/GOSL/CON/LCS/2019/02




Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Readiness Team (SLCERT)

Security of data is becoming very important today than yesterday and will be of continuously increasing importance in the future as majority of people will be dependent on data that is relevant to perform their job tasks, businesses, financing, personal security, etc. Even more the governments in all countries are interested of data that is specific to maintain economic stability of the country, ensure security of its people and resources, etc. to run through the country to achieve its development goals.

A typical organization at international level would aim at looking upon aspects of enhancing cyber security within its organization by developing a strategy as denoted in the diagram below, which could be adopted at Sri Lankan context considering demands for Cyber security in generations next to come.

The project target mainly the public sector and aims at public officers’ awareness of Information and Cyber security. However, no proper study has been conducted to date, in order to access the public officials’ readiness on information and cyber security. Therefore, Sri Lanka CERT along with MDIIT aims to conduct a survey on public sector employees to assess their Information and Cyber Security readiness to work in a digital government environment. Findings of the survey shall be used to develop strategy to enhance overall readiness on Information and Cyber Security.