Comprehensive assessment on existing social protection system and to develop the National Social Protection Strategy (NSPS) for Sri Lanka




Ministry of Finance & Mass Media

Conducting a comprehensive Assessment on Existing Social Protection system and Developing a National Social Protection Strategy for Sri Lanka. It is implemented under the Social Safety Nets Project (SSNP) with funds from World Bank to benefit the vulnerable people while maintaining the fiscal sustainability of the country. The project aims to examine and not limited to existing social protection system covering the areas such as social welfare, labor market policies, programmes and social security programs including their history, design, administration, policies, regulations, coverage and previous experience targeting most vulnerable Sri Lankans with a right- based approach to social protection to strengthening the capacities of rights holders.

This also includes identifying the most suitable social welfare programmes, labour market policies, strategies, and social security programmes including their design, administration, coverage, and targeting the most vulnerable Sri Lankans .Recommend ways that Government can improve the efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of social welfare, labour market, social security programmes and the social protection systems to respond to insecurity, risk and vulnerability in Sri Lanka and promote the national development objectives.

As a part of the assignment, recommendations will be provided for the areas of social welfare, labour market (labour market job counseling, information, training, wage subsidies, unemployment insurance, social security and work directly with Department of National Planning (NPD), Review Committee (Competent Authority) and senior government counterparts to assist the government of Sri Lanka with formulation of the National Social Protection Strategy.