Gender Analysis - Project Supporting Wilpattu National Park and Influence Zone Management in Sri Lanka




Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

As a continuation of improving the positive outcomes of and a follow-up for the project “Supporting Wilpattu National Park and Influence Zone Management in Sri Lanka”, a gender analysis has been conducted in order to allocate a gender marker, define gender indicators, and identify mainstreaming approaches within the project activities by conducting the gender analysis for the programme “Supporting Wilpattu National Park and Influence Zone Management in Sri Lanka”. The expectation is to identify the reasons for reduced participation of women in economic activities which in turn slow down women economic empowerment.

The analysis included the educational level of the population in the area, gender mainstreaming initiative within the targeted area for women by giving prominence to forest conservation and economic development, micro industry development, and eco-tourism/ cultural heritage/ agriculture. It was revealed that there should be a positive change in the mindset and an attitude change among communities live around the Wilpattu periphery for women and girls to get equal opportunities in upholding social and economic status. Upon the completion of the analysis, it was also recommended that a proper mechanism to update knowledge on gender-based education among the village communities should be included, and there is a need for policy development to be initiated with the periphery of Wilpattu to balance and mitigate the dependency rate of civil communities from the forest itself.