Household Survey on the Usage of Electrical Equipment through Handheld Devices




Sustainable Energy Authority, Sri Lanka

With rapid expansion in technology, energy consumption has increased drastically even at household level. Presently many of the appliances used for day today activities are mostly automated and require electricity for its functioning. Electricity in the country is mainly generated through hydropower and coal but insufficient to meet National demand. During recent past it was visible that windmill is also used to generate electricity. Higher the demand for electricity, higher the requirement for generating electricity. Some methods used for generating electricity is much more ecofriendly and methods such as using coal is harmful to the surrounding.

Through efficient energy management at household level however, will help minimize total energy consumption for day today activities. Hence it is necessary to identify the accurate statistics on the availability of electrical equipment and their usage patterns at household level. Hence this assignment will focus on carrying out an Island wide survey afore said aspects. This data gathered through the survey will be very much vital for estimation of future demand for electricity, identifying energy efficiency improvement and conservation opportunities (EEI&C) in the country.

The Objective of this assignment is to employ enumerators to conduct a survey for the assessment of the usage of electrical equipment in selected households. The survey will be conducted using smart phones by employing a purpose-built Android Application (Software). The survey was carried out across the country, covering all the 25 administrative districts using a representative sample of the population domiciled in each such district.