Mid-Term Evaluation of the Project: ‘Assisting Communities in Creating Environmental and Nutritional Development (ACCEND)’





“Assisting Communities in Creating Environmental and Nutritional Development” (ACCEND) project1 is a joint effort of – and implemented by – two international NGOs ADRA and Oxfam. It is funded by the European Union (EU) under its funding mechanism “Support to Integrated Rural Development in the Most Vulnerable Districts of the Central and Uva Provinces of Sri Lanka”. The project is a part of the European Union’s assistance to Sri Lanka government to address the underpinning issues of persisting poverty and other vulnerabilities of the populations living in the Central and Uva provinces of Sri Lanka. Mid Term Evaluation (MTEs) is primarily a monitoring tool to identify challenges and outline corrective actions to ensure that ACCEND project is on track to achieve maximum results by its completion. MTEs aim to assess the continued relevance of an intervention and the progress made towards achieving its planned objectives. They provide an opportunity to make modifications to ensure the achievement of these objectives within the lifetime of the project.

The project is to assess the a) Relevance, b) Effectiveness, c) Efficiency and d) Sustainability of the project so far (i.e. by November-end 2019) against its overall objective and the main outcome and provide recommendations to strengthen the project-implementation during the remaining project-period.